Through our long-standing experience in the sports and event markets, we are well aware that these industries are fast-paced, volatile and unpredictable:


Neither can we project what tomorrow will bring and how quickly we will need to adapt to changes in our business environment, nor is any of our companies like the other. Hence, all partnerships for our global B2B network are designed to comply with any partner’s requirements, providing freedom, flexibility and plenty of room for individualized solutions.


We would like to work together with our partners to make each Friends Lounge appearance a tool for ideas to thrive and networks to grow. Individuality, spontaneity and value are key to the FL concept.

To offer maximum value with minimal risk, we forego long-term contracts: any FL partnership is always limited to the event(s) of our partners’ choice.


Each FL appearance is hosted taking into account a vast variety of factors: structure and kind of the event, location, duration, infrastructure, and even climate.


We adapt our services and facilities to these circumstances and, hence, adjust the components, scope and cost of the partnership accordingly. Dependent upon the scope of the specific format those may include, but are not limited to:


  • All time access to the premises
  • Access to an individualized, professional guest management tool and  accreditation solution, including customized appearance (CI), optimized  to easily invite and manage guests
  • Access to all AV / IT and multimedia equipment, free, reliable WiFi
  • Option to create and host special events
  • Access to networks and contacts in the Friends Lounge Family
  • Guests are always welcome! (invitation required, admission may be limited, depending on the scale and format of the specific event)


Friends Lounge functions are being hosted all around the world at globally recognized, high-profile multisport or show events for people from the global event industry.


In short, the Friends Lounge concept is 100% transparent, flexible, unique and designed to be an island within all the hustle and bustle of any major event, representing multiple and varied options to benefit from.  






To get in touch with us directly and for more information, please contact us on Facebook.


We look forward to welcoming you at one of the upcoming Friends Lounge appearances!






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